I’m a Jesus-loving, hubby-adoring, essential-oil using, home-birthing, nursing, babywearing crunchy mama of three girls who loves to write.

I’m passionate about living healthy lives–in what you eat, what you put on your body, what you clean your house with, and how you are emotionally. Taking care of your body is an investment in yourself–and when you invest in yourself you have more to give others. I plan on being able to keep up with my great-grandkids. You’ll probably learn pretty quickly I use essential oils for everything as there is always “an oil for that.”

I love making my home beautiful (as I can make it with small kids) and comfy, I like my garden filled with home grown food and flowers , and I love welcoming people into our cozy chaos.

Being outside is where I feel most connected and grounded, and I try to bring my babes into the sunshine and wind as much as I can. Our family loves adventure, and so we make what adventure we can in this season of three kids four and under. Sometimes that just means going to the park with all three of them at once…

This fall we will begin our homeschooling journey with one kindergartner who assures me she can already read. I look forward to being repeatedly corrected.


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